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Why the British Horse Society Matters

Our Approach

Why BHS Matters

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Our facility and staff are approved by the British Horse Society (BHS) as a training establishment. The British Horse Society only certifies riding establishments that offer sound instruction in riding and horsemanship, and where the premises, facilities, and animals are properly maintained. An approved training establishment such as Cedar Crest Farm must maintain an even higher level of instruction, horses and horse care suitable for training students towards professional examinations. Approved establishments are inspected annually to ensure compliance with the rigorous standards required. In conjunction with the equestrian federations of 32 countries worldwide, the BHS is recognized as the gold standard when it comes to ensuring the welfare of both horse and rider.

The BHS administers a series of examinations and certifications ranging from basic non-professional levels to the highest level within the profession. BHS-certified establishments must have BHS qualified instructors. As a result, BHS-approved establishments maintain a standard that ensures horses are correctly trained and ridden, and that riders receive proper and safe instruction. The BHS also lays out a rigorous code of conduct for its instructors and riding establishments, ensuring that they measure up to agreed standards of animal welfare and client care.

The British Horse Society and Our Philosophy

BHS values and training lay the foundation for our approach. The certification is all-encompassing and rigorous resulting in an obvious benefit both to our clients and to the horses in our care. We are inspected on an annual basis so customers can be confident of a continuing level of quality.


About the British Horse Society

The BHS was founded in 1947, when the Institute of the Horse and Pony Club and the National Horse Association of Great Britain joined forces with one common goal—to ensure the welfare of horse and rider.

  • BHS teaching qualifications are recognized in 32 countries and the BHS has more than 54,000 members.
  • Fewer than 10 riding facilities are BHS-certified in the United States.
  • Due to the rigorous, ongoing training, BHS instructors are respected worldwide.
British Horse Society training at Cedar Crest Farm

We offer training in equitation and horse care, in accordance with the BHS examination syllabi, to those who wish to become professionals in the horse industry as well as to all clients interested in increasing their equestrian knowledge. If you are interested in learning more, please visit our BHS Training page.

Cedar Crest Farm Equestrian Center - A BHS Approved Training Center
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