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Heading down the driveway















While the snow falls in New York, Gerry and Calvin have been riding out over the 1,500 acres at Cedar Crest's southern base in Free Union.  With clear, sunny skies and perfect going under foot, Penny, Ruby and Chewy are fit and well and enjoying themselves!  The Farmington Hunt regularly meets at the farm and we hope that some of our friends from the north will join us in the New Year to take advantage of the magnificent facilities we have at our disposal.  Bring your own horses or ride one of ours!


Posted by Cedar Crest: 12/13/2011


Bard College rider, Sophie Davies, enjoys a flat lesson on Tom Cruz


A big welcome back for the fall trimester to members of the Bard College Equestrian Team who use Cedar Crest Farm as their training base.  We appreciate their gameness and enthusiasm when they come for their weekly lessons and wish them every success as they contest the upcoming IHSA shows!

Posted by Cedar Crest: 10/03/2011


Chapel Spring Farm















As of September 1st, 2011 we are now also based at a facility in Free Union, VA in the heart of Farmington Hunt country and just 20 minutes from the center of Charlottesville, the home of Thomas Jefferson and UVA.  We have the use of 8 stalls in the pristine barn at Chapel Springs Farm, a spectacular thoroughbred breeding facility set on a 1,500 acre estate, all of which is open and accessible for trail-riding.  

With just two horses installed at present, we have scope to take full-time boarders and also to offer a base for riders wishing to visit for fox-hunting once the snow curtails that activity up in New York.

For more information, contact Paul at Cedar Crest Farm on 518 398 1034 or Gerry in Virginia on 845 518 0122.

Posted by Cedar Crest: 10/03/2011




Alison flew up from school in Charlottesville, VA to contest the last HITS show of the summer, taking the blue ribbon in the Child Jumper Hi division on Polka. 

Posted by Cedar Crest: 09/05/2011


Ali and Angelo perform well in the heat
Temperatures soared at our local horse trials, Fitch's Corners, held over the weekend of July 22nd and 23rd,and horses and riders had to perform in 106 degree heat.  Fortunately there were no weather- or fence-related casualties in spite of the challenging conditions.
Alison and Angelo were second in their division after dressage and show-jumping but a hesitation going into the water dropped them down to 8th.  
Posted by Cedar Crest: 08/01/2011

Sparky The Apprentice

After 10 years of running the public relations department single-handedly, Sweep finally agreed to take on a junior partner who he has undertaken to train to his own high standards.  Born on May 13th, 2011 to  miniature schnauzer parents, Jack and Gretchen, near Jamestown on the Virginian coast, Sparky made the long journey to Cedar Crest aged just 10 weeks.  After a short spell of disorientation he has taken to his new role with gusto although currently his chief duty could be classified as "timewaster-in-chief".

Not content with training his new baby brother in the daily barn routine, Sweep has already taken him to Fitch's Corner Horse Trials and to the HITS where the little chap acquitted himself well although Sweep feels that human beings sometimes overuse the word "cute" as he seemed to hear it a lot on those outings. 

Sparky's current hobbies are chasing cats and chewing on things and his main ambition is to master the art of going down stairs as well as up them.   Sweep is not so keen for him to master this skill as it at least affords him a chance to escape for a well-earned period of repose from his enthusiastic pupil!


Posted by Cedar Crest: 08/01/2011

Congratulations Booli and Kennedy!

We were thrilled when eventer Booli Selmayr purchased Castle Diamond (aka Kennedy) in April and based on their initial successes it looks like the pair have a great future ahead of them.  With 2nd placings at Fair Hill International, Surefire and the Maryland Horse Trials at the training level, they are set to move up to preliminary in the fall.  We will follow their progress with interest!

Posted by Cedar Crest: 07/22/2011

A Hunting We Will Go!

After enduring one of the most severe winters in recent years, three of our boarders took the opportunity of a short hunting break in Virginia at the end of February.  Steve Bernadete with Charlie, Karen Bechtel with Dougal and Gerry McNamara with Joker, accompanied by tireless hunt groom Jo Blackmore and Ruby Sparkle, based themselves just south of Culpeper near the Bull Run hunt kennels.

After an easy 8 hour drive down the horses took up residence at Stuartfield Farm where Joker was delighted to make acquaintance with a free roaming donkey and Dougal was rather less amused to discover that his next-door neighbor was a taciturn pot-bellied pig.  All the horses were kept entertained by a large pack of friendly but boisterous rescue dogs, including a Boston Terrier and a Bulldog, a Jack Russell and a Boxer, all of which bound around the premises accompanied by assorted cats, making Stuartfield a true "Animal Farm". 

Thursday's meet was at a leisurely 1 p.m. in a large stubble field seemingly in the middle of nowhere.  Rumor had it that if hounds drew in the woods behind then the afternoon would be spent in a glutonous black mud but if they drew the other way then there would be miles of open fields.  Fortunately, the latter option prevailed.  Inevitably, after days of good weather in Virginia the first rain-drops started to fall even as our riders placed boot to stirrup but pragmatism came to the fore and the field master was insistent that everyone don a suitably warm jacket before extolling them to have fun and then they were off - at the gallop, across the field, through the gate and down the farm road with Dougal and Charlie totally unable to contain themselves after weeks of circling in the indoor school in Pine Plains.

Three hours later after much good sport, incorporating numerous coops, everyone returned safely with the Cedar Crest horses and riders having acquitted themselves well and Gerry Mac's "palomino" being much admired.  Jo put the horses to bed and then a fine meal was enjoyed at The Inn at Willow Grove.

On Friday the horses were in their element, rolling in the red Virginia clay, whilst Jo cleaned their tack from the day before and then set about cleaning the horses up again.  Meanwhile, the riders enjoyed a rest day in Charlottesville, visiting Jefferson's Monticello and the grounds of the University of Virginia before dining in the historic C&O Restaurant in the warehouse district of the city.

Saturday's 10 a.m. meet at Hawfield Farm turned out to be in trappier countryside with some steeper and narrower wooded trails, but again a good time was had by all, with kinder weather prevailing, and the morning was brought to a splendid close by the provision of a hearty hunt breakfast.

With much to talk about Steve, Gerry and Karen headed back to New York City that afternoon whilst the horses rested overnight before heading north again with Jo in the morning full of tales of derring-do to tell their stall mates back at Cedar Crest.


Posted by Cedar Crest: 03/01/2011

Jimmy Wofford encapsulates what it is to ride an Irish horse

Aficionados of riding at Cedar Crest intrinsically know that they are fortunate to be riding wonderful horses but a recent article in The Irish Field by William Micklem F.B.H.S. quoting the words of renowned American event rider and coach, Jimmy Wofford, truly encapsulates the special feeling that riding Irish horses engenders:

"Whatever success I attained during my riding career was due to Irish horses.  They have incredible courage, scope, intelligence, a sense of humor, and an endearing capacity to forgive their rider's mistakes.  Lord knows, I tested all of the above qualities and never found them wanting in an Irish horse. The multitude assembled for this celebration will agree that in the unlikely event of my appearance at the Pearly Gates, those gates will be tightly closed to me.  Undaunted, I will gather the reins of my best Irish horse, Carawich, break into a gallop and aim him at the top rail of the gates.  Whatever the outcome I will be content, for all true horsemen know that to ride an Irish horse is to already be in Heaven".

If you haven't done so already, join us at Cedar Crest and experience the joy for yourself!

Posted by Cedar Crest: 01/11/2011

Shop and buy goods made in the U.S.

Inevitably things on the farm and in the home wear out and need replacing and, at times like Christmas, presents need to be found and bought for friends and loved ones.

Whenever possible Gerry and I search the internet for goods that are made right here at home.  For example, when we were building our house we sourced some highly efficient European-style radiators that were actually manufactured here in New York State.

For the last couple of years we have bought items from an excellent website called:


It's a great site and we can attest to the quality of many of the products, from slippers to bath towels. They will not be as cheap as items made overseas but then, thankfully, the quality will not be the same either!

Let's help our own country first and buy from sites like this when we can.


Posted by Cedar Crest: 12/28/2010
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