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Our blog is just one more way we encourage communication between our staff and clients, allowing them to post important messages, contribute stories, and share their successes. Staff and clients are welcome to submit entries and join in current threads. If you have been set up with an account, please log in to begin blogging.


Jumping Star to Rock Star!

Having traveled the Atlantic in 1994 in search of fame and fortune, Penny Sparkle hit the big time Stateside as a jumper.  In her teens she embraced motherhood and then took up the responsibility of teaching clients to ride and compete in jumping and eventing competitions.  After such a busy life, she could have been forgiven for embracing a quiet retirement in her 20s but - far from it - Penny has now become a rock star!

Regular Cedar Crest riders, Kazu Makino and Amedeo Pace, members of the 3-man indie rock group Blonde Redhead not only wrote a song in Penny's honor but subsequently named their latest album for the iconic silver Irish Sport Horse mare.  The band are currently touring the globe performing numbers from "Penny Sparkle" and Penny herself has settled back to the quiet life after posing for a night-time photo shoot agains the wall of the indoor school.

She still gives lessons to a few lucky riders and particularly enjoys teaching children to jump.

Posted by Cedar Crest: 10/16/2010



14-year-old Alison Lindsay, riding her father's Polka, placed second in the Marshall and Sterling $3,500 Child Jumper High Classic and as a result scored a Wild Card qualification for the finals at Saugerties on September 16th.


Posted by Cedar Crest: 09/05/2010



Helen Van Der Voort and her Andalusian Stallion, Jaqueton VI, scooped up a bundle of ribbons at HITS from August 20th through 22nd.

Competing at second level they placed six times in six classes, winning once in open competition and also taking home two firsts, two seconds and a third in the Adult Amateur Division.


Posted by Cedar Crest: 08/25/2010




After the disappointment of a cross-country refusal at Fitch's Corners, Alison Lindsay and her young Irish Sport Horse, Coolnorran Chewy, added zero penalties to their dressage score of 34 to finish in 3rd place in an Open Novice division at Kent School Horse Trials on August 15th.

Posted by Cedar Crest: 08/25/2010


This was a great show for Michael Hughes riding Paul's mare, Polka.  The pair placed every day in the Junior Jumper Low division and rounded off the show with a 4th placing in the 1.35m $3,500 Jr/Am Jumper Classic  against strong competition.

Not to be outdone, Alison Lindsay took over the reins on Polka for her first time in the ring on her father's horse and placed 6th in the Child Jumper Low division.  


Posted by Cedar Crest: 08/08/2010


Alison Lindsay and Cedar Crest Bewitched continued their winning ways from last year by securing the Pony Jumper Championship at HITS V.  The pair also placed in each of the Child Jumper Low classes they participated in.

Polka was campaigned at HITS IV by Michael Hughes who won a Level 3 class on the mare and placed 6th in a hotly-contested Child Jumper Low class.


Posted by Cedar Crest: 08/03/2010


Cedar Crest Farm instructor, Amy McMahon, B.H.S.A.I,  enjoyed a marvelous ride on Renee Petrofes' Irish Sport Horse, Smooth Touch, to take second place in the Beginner Novice Division.  It was Amy's first ever horse trials and the pair led the way after dressage and stadium.  However, some time penalties for going a little too fast cross-country dropped them to second by the end of the competition.

Alison Lindsay and the six-year-old Irish Sport Horse, Coolnorran Chewy, at only his second horse trial, performed an impressive dressage test to lead their Junior Open Novice division.  With a clear round in the stadium they were in a strong position going into cross-country but a green stop at the water complex dropped them down to eighth.

Posted by Cedar Crest: 08/03/2010

A Parisian at Cedar Crest

I am a French rider who really discovered horses 6 years ago at 34.  I now jump twice a week and do some 1m - 1m10 contests and devote most of my spare time to horses.  I have just spent 6 days at Cedar Crest with lessons from Paul, Geraldine and Wendy.  During those 6 days I improved more than I did for the last two years of my usual riding to the south of Paris.

At Cedar Crest everything is dedicated to high quality horse riding.  The very comfortable accommodation, just above the stables, allows us to take a shower 5 minutes after our rides.  Horses are ready when you arrive for your lesson and taken care of just afterwards by a team of friendly and professional people.

What I appreciated most was the quality of the teaching staff and the quality of lesson horses who know at least as much as many proprietary horses.  The teaching is always delivered in a clear and calm way with a very personal attention to each specific student.  Questions are welcome and well considered.  From jumping to dressage as well as cross country, any subject can be studied thanks to the nice facilities of Cedar Crest, with its indoor and outdoor arena and its land.

There is a constant care of the horses and of the riders, to increase our mutual pleasure together.  For those who want to learn in a friendly and serious climate, with or without your own horses, I strongly recommend Cedar Crest.  The only thing you may have to dread is the addiction it will create in your life, once you discover all the new things you can learn in just a few days in this unique atmosphere.  I know I will be back.

Paul Besson

Posted by Cedar Crest: 07/28/2010


After a busy summer of trying to qualify for the Marshall & Sterling National Pony Jumper Finals, Alison and Bee finally made it into the 13th spot of the 15 places available, and were able to attend the championships at HITS, Saugerties on September 10th. The finals were held in failing light in the Grand Prix ring over a challenging 13-fence course making full use of the space available. The combination from Cedar Crest were one of only five to make it through to the jump-off with a fault-free first round. Alison jumped a well-judged clear again in the jump-off and ended up the winner as each of the other ponies lowered a rail.
Posted by admin: 10/31/2009

Arrival of new pest control officer

Canoes resting after another busy day at the barn
In the almost 10 years since Cedar Crest was built only one cat has been in residence, the shy and retiring Charlie Potatoes who is generally too busy patrolling his territory to stop and talk to anyone. However, this past summer, a young male cat marched into the barn, batted Sweep on the nose, shared Charlie's food and declared that he was here to stay. With rather large feet in relation to the rest of his body, he was given the name Canoes, and he has kept us entertained ever since.
Posted by Cedar Crest: 10/13/2009
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