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Our blog is just one more way we encourage communication between our staff and clients, allowing them to post important messages, contribute stories, and share their successes. Staff and clients are welcome to submit entries and join in current threads. If you have been set up with an account, please log in to begin blogging.


Opening Meet of The Millbrook Hunt

Barn Manager and hunt aficionado, Jo Blackmore, was in the barn by 2 a.m. on Saturday, October 3rd to braid the manes and tails of the five horses she was transporting to the opening meet of the Millbrook Hunt. Jo herself rode the homebred 7-year-old Ruby Sparkle to accompany Cedar Crest clients Karen Bechtel with Dougal, Steve Benardete with Charlie, David Stack with Chubby and Gerry McNamara with Irish Joker.
Posted by Cedar Crest: 10/13/2009


Team Cedar Crest through Murphy's ears
Be sure of a big surprise! We've been taking advantage of some quieter times since Labor Day to get our horses and the team of hard-working staff out on the local trails. With cooler weather and the grass under their feet the horses have enjoyed the change and Wendy Brooke riding the indomitable Murphy has used the Murphy-cam to great effect.
Posted by Cedar Crest: 10/10/2009


After a busy summer of trying to qualify for the Marshall & Sterling National Pony Jumper Finals, Alison and Bee finally made it into the 13th spot of the 15 places available, and were able to attend the championships at HITS, Saugerties on September 10th.

The finals were held in failing light in the Grand Prix ring over a challenging 13-fence course making full use of the space available. The combination from Cedar Crest were one of only five to make it through to the jump-off with a fault-free first round. Alison jumped a well-judged clear again in the jump-off and ended up the winner as each of the other ponies lowered a rail.

Posted by Cedar Crest: 09/15/2009


13-year-old Chloe Green rode her Irish Sport Horse, Windswept Ross, into third place in a novice division at Townhill Horse Trials in Lakeville, CT on September 6th.
Posted by Cedar Crest: 09/15/2009


Barn Manager, Joanne Blackmore, had the pleasure of competing Caroline Day's Irish Sport Horse, Purple Mor, at this prestigious event on July 25th and 26th and the pair came home the winners of their training level division after clear cross-country and show-jumping rounds. 
Posted by Cedar Crest: 08/19/2009


Marshall & Sterling Pony Classic winners, Alison Lindsay & Cedar Crest Bewitched













Alison Lindsay and Cedar Crest Bewitched took the pony classes by storm at Hits-on-the-Hudson III, winning all three classes including the Marshall & Sterling Classic. The pair ended up Spring Circuit Champions in the Pony division and Reserve Champions in the Child Jumper Low division.

Paul Lindsay and Polka also garnered the Spring Circuit Reserve Champion ribbon in the Level 4 division.

Posted by Cedar Crest: 06/17/2009


We were delighted to discover that the footing is finally up to par at HITS in Saugerties and our horses showed their appreciation by jumping brilliantly at their first outing of the year.

10-year-old Caroline Day on her Cedar Crest Farm purchase, Purple Mor, placed 5th in the Level 0 Jumper and the Level 1 Jumper, a great achievement for such a young rider at her first A-rated show.

Alison Lindsay, who has just turned 13, also put on a great display by winning both the Child/Adult Jumper Class and the Pony Jumper Class on her 14.2 pony Cedar Crest Bewitched.

Gerry Lindsay on the farm's latest Irish import, Cedar Crest Castle Diamond won and placed in the Level 3 division, ending up Reserve Champion at that level for the week; while Paul's good performance on Polka in the Level 4 classes also resulted in him taking the Reserve Champion ribbon. 


Posted by Cedar Crest: 05/24/2009

Criminal Neglect/Anger Management

I feel that this blog site has been neglected for entirely too long - perhaps long enough to border on criminal neglect, but certainly long enough to qualify for civil neglect,

"Ergo cum quat," I would like to offer the following entry for consideration and comment. (The details of this incident have already been communicated to the Lindsays; should they find themselves "blogging" here, this will be old news.)

To wit:

Not long ago I suffered a beautiful riding day ruined by an entirely too intrusive and vocal instructor. I'm sure I am not the only one to have experienced (but never at Cedar Crest) and instructor who insists upon "instructing" from a distance with directions - often conflicting - such as "heels down," "head up," "sit up," "sit down," "look at the jump," "don't look at the jump," don't hit the horse in the mouth," "pull back on those reins," "keep your hands down," "keep your hands off his neck," "inside leg," "outside leg,"... and so forth. All screamed out with machine gun speed and out loud enough to scare the napping babies in the next county.

As noted, this incident ruined my day - all the more because, in my opinion, my mount and I were dealing with our little problems very nicely without the proferred "instruction."

This brings me to my question: Under the circumstances described, and without admitting anything, is it good from to beat the crap out of your instructor? Does it make a difference if it's a man or a woman? Are there mitigating circumstances? What if there are no witnesses?

Also, what are your views on enlisting other instructors to testify to your good character?

Assuming this blog is not deleted by the monitors, I would request a timely reply as the trial has been fast tracked.

I look forward to hearing from my fellow Cedar Cresters.

Posted by TAmbrosini: 04/28/2009













HITS Saugerties VI proved to be another great show for Stacey Mahoney on Flagmount Cliff. They placed 5th in a Level 4 jumper class before taking 2nd place in the Modified Junior/Amateur Jumper classes over both weekend days to end up Grand Champions in that division. With points accrued from the previous week's HITS the pair were also awarded the ribbon for being Circuit Champions in the Modified Junior/Amateur division. Congratulations!


Posted by Cedar Crest: 08/14/2008


Cedar Crest instructor, Wendy Brooke, who is particularly recognized for her skills as a teacher of dressage took Helen Van der Voort's Andalusian stallion, Jaqueton, to this Connecticut Dressage Association sanctioned show where they clearly impressed the judge!

1st Level Test 4:                    1st                    65.3% and high score champion

2nd Level Test 1                    2nd                  64.5% 


Posted by Cedar Crest: 08/03/2008
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