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The opportunity to view a number of quality horses in one location (Photo by J. Alnwick)  

Horses for Sale

Horses for Sale


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Both for ethical reasons and as sound business practice it is our primary objective when selling a horse to ensure that it is matched with the right rider. We always have a diverse selection of carefully chosen imported Irish Sport Horses on site for the discerning buyer. If you come to view horses at Cedar Crest we will assess your personality, riding ability and ambitions before suggesting you try one or more of the horses currently in the barn. Prospective purchasers appreciate the opportunity to try a number of sound, well-schooled horses in one location secure in the knowledge that our aim is to make a good match rather than just make a sale. Click here to see the variety of available horses for sale.


Business Consulting Services

With many years' experience of running profitable equestrian enterprises we are happy to offer this expertise to you on a consultancy basis. We can assist you with:
  • designing and planning a new facility be it an equestrian community or equestrian center.
  • bringing an existing facility into profitability.


Furthermore, by making use of our guest accommodation buyers can take their time when trying out a potential purchase. As a result, the stress of a long journey and the pressure of making a snap decision is considerably lessened by the opportunity to stay on site and become familiar with the horses using our extensive facilities.

The Process

Once a match has been determined and the price agreed, a 10% deposit is payable to secure the horse prior to vetting. On completion of a satisfactory pre-purchase examination horses may only leave our premises on receipt of cleared funds. In the unlikely event of the horse not passing the vetting, the deposit will be refunded. As a courtesy to purchasers the cost of overnight accommodation at Cedar Crest will be deducted from the final payment for the horse.


At the airport
The majority of the top event horses and show-jumpers in the U.S. today come from overseas. At Cedar Crest we offer the opportunity to purchase some of these special horses right here on American soil. However, if we don’t have the right match for you we would be happy to assist you in finding one through our contacts both here in the U.S. and overseas. We can arrange a tailor-made horse-viewing trip to Ireland which is a wonderful and enriching experience in itself. Once there you would be able to try 20 or more potentially suitable horses whilst also enjoying the best of Irish hospitality. We use a network of trusted producers and trainers located all over the country and have access to the very best veterinary surgeons. All Irish horses have passports denoting their age and breeding and the complete competition records of both jumpers and eventers are readily available. When the horse is found and purchased we will organize the shipping and quarantine.

For any horse purchase consultancy we charge the industry standard 10% of the purchase price plus out-of-pocket expenses.

Getting Started

To begin a one-of-a-kind horse buying experience, check out our Horses for Sale listings, and contact us to set up an appointment.
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