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Blog Archives: June, 2008


Bou: the Cedar Crestian house sparrow!

Like every other Saturday, my sister Julia and I had a lesson so I came into Skipper's stall to tack him up. I heard a cute little sound and guess what I found in the corner on the banks? An adorable baby House Sparrow who had fallen from his nest and could not fly. We decided to leave him where he was in case he found his mother. About an hour and a half later, after we had ridden, I came back to that stall and he was still there; apparently his mother could not do anything for him. Since we love animals and did not want to let him die, we took him home in a little yellow basket (that we had used to put in candy for CCF). He looked very hungry, I found worms but he wouldn't eat them so figured it would be better to give him bread soaked in milk and he seemed to enjoy it a lot.

I took him to New York City and got him a very big cage that I put on the terrace during the day and in my room at night. I tought him to fly in the country on weekends and he got better and better every day. Bou soon started to eat seeds and since he could not learn to rehabilitate by himself, we found a center and adopted two others who were the same age as ours. Soon after, since they were all ready to leave, we let them fly away together the first of June. Don't worry Paul, we released them far from Cedar Crest!

Posted by LSegalot: 06/02/2008
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