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Blog Archives: January, 2011


Jimmy Wofford encapsulates what it is to ride an Irish horse

Aficionados of riding at Cedar Crest intrinsically know that they are fortunate to be riding wonderful horses but a recent article in The Irish Field by William Micklem F.B.H.S. quoting the words of renowned American event rider and coach, Jimmy Wofford, truly encapsulates the special feeling that riding Irish horses engenders:

"Whatever success I attained during my riding career was due to Irish horses.  They have incredible courage, scope, intelligence, a sense of humor, and an endearing capacity to forgive their rider's mistakes.  Lord knows, I tested all of the above qualities and never found them wanting in an Irish horse. The multitude assembled for this celebration will agree that in the unlikely event of my appearance at the Pearly Gates, those gates will be tightly closed to me.  Undaunted, I will gather the reins of my best Irish horse, Carawich, break into a gallop and aim him at the top rail of the gates.  Whatever the outcome I will be content, for all true horsemen know that to ride an Irish horse is to already be in Heaven".

If you haven't done so already, join us at Cedar Crest and experience the joy for yourself!

Posted by Cedar Crest: 01/11/2011
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