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Blog Archives: September, 2013


New service offered for our boarders in Virginia!


It transpires that some horses enjoy being dusted!  Certainly that is the case with Carly Eddahri's 5-year-old Freedom Z gelding, Noah, who enjoys every moment of his life at Cedar Crest Farm in Virginia.  He doesn't think the barn help should waste their time de-cobwebbing the bars when they can be dusting his face instead.  

Noah plans to be an international star when he grows up but presently, when he is not training to be a famous eventer, he divides his time between playing in the paddocks with his mates Nolly and Concerto and sleeping in his enormous stall.   And getting dusted of course!

He is a lucky horse in other ways too.  Carly's husband, Vincent, is Devoucoux's mid-Atlantic representative so Noah sports all the finest tack and equipment as befits of a horse of his caliber.


Posted by Cedar Crest: 09/10/2013

Tim Helwick finds his way south


Long time rider at Cedar Crest Farm, Tim Helwick, who together with his wife Elaine Buckberg now resides in Washington DC, found his way south on the weekend of September 7th and 8th to experience some trail riding in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Tim was reunited with his old friend (or perhaps adversary!) the lovely but temperamental Ruby Sparkle who is now three months in foal to Oldenburg show-jumping sire, Balou de Rouet, for some long rides in the woods.  Apart from an unsettling incident with a swarm of bees a good time was had by all and Tim has vowed to return again.

Gerry and Ali, who now divides her time between her senior year at school and working part-time in Dover Saddlery, would welcome more guests from north of the Mason-Dixon line!


Posted by Cedar Crest: 09/10/2013
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