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Temperatures soared at our local horse trials, Fitch's Corners, held over the weekend of July 22nd and 23rd,and horses and riders had to perform in 106 degree heat.  Fortunately there were no weather- or fence-related casualties in spite of the challenging conditions.
Alison and Angelo were second in their division after dressage and show-jumping but a hesitation going into the water dropped them down to 8th.  
Posted by Cedar Crest: 08/01/2011

Sparky The Apprentice

After 10 years of running the public relations department single-handedly, Sweep finally agreed to take on a junior partner who he has undertaken to train to his own high standards.  Born on May 13th, 2011 to  miniature schnauzer parents, Jack and Gretchen, near Jamestown on the Virginian coast, Sparky made the long journey to Cedar Crest aged just 10 weeks.  After a short spell of disorientation he has taken to his new role with gusto although currently his chief duty could be classified as "timewaster-in-chief".

Not content with training his new baby brother in the daily barn routine, Sweep has already taken him to Fitch's Corner Horse Trials and to the HITS where the little chap acquitted himself well although Sweep feels that human beings sometimes overuse the word "cute" as he seemed to hear it a lot on those outings. 

Sparky's current hobbies are chasing cats and chewing on things and his main ambition is to master the art of going down stairs as well as up them.   Sweep is not so keen for him to master this skill as it at least affords him a chance to escape for a well-earned period of repose from his enthusiastic pupil!


Posted by Cedar Crest: 08/01/2011
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