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Blog Archives: December, 2010


Shop and buy goods made in the U.S.

Inevitably things on the farm and in the home wear out and need replacing and, at times like Christmas, presents need to be found and bought for friends and loved ones.

Whenever possible Gerry and I search the internet for goods that are made right here at home.  For example, when we were building our house we sourced some highly efficient European-style radiators that were actually manufactured here in New York State.

For the last couple of years we have bought items from an excellent website called:


It's a great site and we can attest to the quality of many of the products, from slippers to bath towels. They will not be as cheap as items made overseas but then, thankfully, the quality will not be the same either!

Let's help our own country first and buy from sites like this when we can.


Posted by Cedar Crest: 12/28/2010
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