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At our winter schooling dressage show competitors had the opportunity to ride each dressage test twice.  The first time was a chance to receive helpful comments and advice from our judge, Lori Barnard, whilst the second time was for real, with marks being awarded and the results announced at the end.

In Class 1, at the Introductory level, everyone rode very calm and accurate tests.  The children were particularly fun to watch as they knew their tests well and made good use of the arena.

Class 2, Training level, proved to be a highly competitive event.  The pressure had already built to fever pitch by the preceding Friday when all the riders came for a pre-show practice.  Horses would not canter or go into the corners, or cantered completely out of the arena.  Others showed off their classical "airs above the ground"!  However, by a miracle, everyone made huge strides in their performance overnight and rode well on the day.  Lori was very kind and encouraging and offered some great tips for general improvement.

Class 3, the more advanced First Level, proved to be a great finale.  Jo Blackmore's enormous hunt horses rose to the occasion and put some fancy moves on the floor.  Instructor Louise Schmitt was thrilled to be up the top of the board on Laurie Lovice's great little horse, Made in Flight (aka Marty), who displayed his very best behavior on the day.  Dan Tighe rode Renee Petrofes' Smooth Touch who tried to step up to the plate but had misread the directions - no flying changes required at this level!  This was particularly noteworthy as Smoothie has resolutely resisted the flying change up until this day.  Special congratulations go to 5th placed Rosina Williams with Cedar Crest Blue.  Because of illness, Rosina had missed all her scheduled lessons and had not ridden at all during the week prior to the test.  She competed and placed while suffering with both bronchitis and a double ear infection.

Special thanks to Lori Barnard for judging; to Helen Van Der Voort for scribing and to Lindsay Aiello, Julia Rubinic and Rosina Williams who all brought an abundance of delicious food.  Lindsay was also instrumental in bringing along her wonderful photographer friend, Shary Connella, who took some splendid shots of all the  riders in action  which can be viewed in the Galleries section of her website: 

For full results from the show, visit our Shows and Clinics page.

Posted by Cedar Crest: 02/03/2012



 Class 1 Introductory Test C

1st   Maggie Berkes riding Nacari                         72.75%

2nd Mia Colman riding JoJo                                  69.75%

3rd Tim Helwick riding Angelo                               65.75%

4th  Maddie ? riding Bewitched                              61.75%

Class 1A Introductory Test B

1st  Phoebe Green riding Raindrops on Rosie

Class 2 Training Level Test 3

1st  Otto Berkes Jnr riding Remonta Hado       74.81%

2nd  Jo Blackmore riding Harley                            69.61%

3rd  Maggie Berkes on Nacari                              64.2%

4th  Tim Helwick riding Angelo                             59.4%

5th  Lindsay Aiello riding Tom Cruz                     57.4%

6th Julia Rubinic riding Charlie                            56.4%

CLASS 3 First Level Test 1

1st  Jo Blackmore riding Doc

2nd Louise Schmitt riding Made in Flight

3rd  Otto Berkes Jnr riding Remonta Hado

4th Pam Lyon riding Cachet

5th  Rosina Williams riding Cedar Crest Blue

6th  Dan Summer Tighe riding Smooth Touch


Posted by Cedar Crest: 02/03/2012
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