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Blog Archives: October, 2009



After a busy summer of trying to qualify for the Marshall & Sterling National Pony Jumper Finals, Alison and Bee finally made it into the 13th spot of the 15 places available, and were able to attend the championships at HITS, Saugerties on September 10th. The finals were held in failing light in the Grand Prix ring over a challenging 13-fence course making full use of the space available. The combination from Cedar Crest were one of only five to make it through to the jump-off with a fault-free first round. Alison jumped a well-judged clear again in the jump-off and ended up the winner as each of the other ponies lowered a rail.
Posted by admin: 10/31/2009

Arrival of new pest control officer

In the almost 10 years since Cedar Crest was built only one cat has been in residence, the shy and retiring Charlie Potatoes who is generally too busy patrolling his territory to stop and talk to anyone. However, this past summer, a young male cat marched into the barn, batted Sweep on the nose, shared Charlie's food and declared that he was here to stay. With rather large feet in relation to the rest of his body, he was given the name Canoes, and he has kept us entertained ever since.
Posted by Cedar Crest: 10/13/2009

Opening Meet of The Millbrook Hunt

Barn Manager and hunt aficionado, Jo Blackmore, was in the barn by 2 a.m. on Saturday, October 3rd to braid the manes and tails of the five horses she was transporting to the opening meet of the Millbrook Hunt. Jo herself rode the homebred 7-year-old Ruby Sparkle to accompany Cedar Crest clients Karen Bechtel with Dougal, Steve Benardete with Charlie, David Stack with Chubby and Gerry McNamara with Irish Joker.
Posted by Cedar Crest: 10/13/2009


Be sure of a big surprise! We've been taking advantage of some quieter times since Labor Day to get our horses and the team of hard-working staff out on the local trails. With cooler weather and the grass under their feet the horses have enjoyed the change and Wendy Brooke riding the indomitable Murphy has used the Murphy-cam to great effect.
Posted by Cedar Crest: 10/10/2009
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